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Get Solar without Getting Burned

Get Solar
without Getting Burned

About us

We are solar geeks. Geeks of tech in general and solar in particular. Going green and saving dough just seemed too good to pass up. Tack on some federal rebates and advances in solar technology… Well, the timing is perfect to go solar. Knerds know about solar.


We’ll review your utility bills and calculate kWh usage. And more..


Everything in Bronze Service, plus a detailed analysis of current and potential future energy usage to determine the long-term annual demand. And more..


Everything in the Bronze & Silver Services.
A design check of your roof for solar capacity and layout. And more..


Everything in the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Services.
We will assist you in your negotiations with installers. And more..

You May Need a Knerd

Before you call any solar companies for bids, get a Knerd. We advise you on your energy needs and can assist you in selecting the equipment and installer for your project.

We can help you assess your needs so you can put your project out for bids with knowledge!

We can even put it out to multiple bidders for you and let you stay anonymous until you are ready to narrow the selection.

Go solar and beyond

SolarKnerds Can Help Through the Whole Process

More Info

Adopting solar power can be a 20-year commitment. You’ll want to get it right the first time.
Solar installation companies and utilities aren’t necessarily your friends.
SolarKnerds can help you select the solar system and installer you want and deserve.

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We are always open to talk about your home, new projects, solar opportunities and how we can help.