Everything you would want to know (and more).

Why “Knerds”

Well, to be honest, because Nerds was already taken. But, when we started to think about it Nerds with Knowledge kind of made sense. We aren’t your typical nerds anyway. Also, it doesn’t hurt that K is the acronym for degrees Kelvin. The surface of the sun is about 6000 K, by the way. And, the color of light is measured in Kelvin too. Did you know that sunlight color temperature is roughly 5000 K? Fascinating…

Knerds Are a Strange Lot

They geek out about things that most people just take for granted. Like solar.

Most everyone knows that solar panels produce electricity from the sun’s rays. They don’t necessarily know how. And they don’t need to.

But if you want to make use of those rays to produce your own power you might need to know some things about solar energy technology. What the utilities, solar manufacturers, and installers want you to know may differ a lot from what you SHOULD know. That’s where the Knerds come in.

Knerds are Knowledgeable

We are solar geeks. Geeks of tech in general and solar in particular. Going green and saving dough just seemed too good to pass up. Tack on some federal rebates and advances in solar technology… Well, the timing is perfect to go solar. But things move fast. The technology updates and advances every year. Federal and local incentives change. States change regulations that may help or hinder the adoption of solar power. And salespeople do what salespeople do. Knerds know about solar.

Knerds Are Fair

We aren’t philanthropists*, we do charge for our services. But we make it affordable with our goal to get you a good deal on a better system than you could without us – and without being ripped off or overcharged.  We don’t make our money on kickbacks from the solar installers. We work for YOUR best interest. And our goal is to help you get the best value on a decision that you may be living with for 20 years or more.

Knerds Are Honest in Their Dealings With Other People

And here is our Knerd pledge: If any vendor, installer, or other merchant makes us an offer to be an affiliate, or otherwise pays us to promote their product/service, or gives us a referral fee we will do the following:

  • We will reveal upfront if any of those parties are involved in your project.
  • We will never promote any vendor simply because they offered us a referral fee.  They will have to provide a competitive bid and it will be compared to the others on its merits.  
  • Bids will be requested from as many reputable companies as practical, not just those that may offer referral fees.  Bids will be requested on a public platform to which virtually any installer has access.  Any company that wishes to provide a bid may do so.  You will see every bid that is submitted.
  • If there is a specific company that you’d like to bid on your project we will submit a request to them directly.  We may also ask installers with a positive track record to submit a bid too.
  • We’ll list on a page of our website every vendor we have an agreement with to obtain discounts or referral fees.  
  • We will split any referral fee with you and discounts will be passed on to you.
  • When you win we win. That’s the way it should be if we are truly your advocates.

Knerds Love to Share Knowledge

You will find information on this site that may help you to decide whether solar is a good idea for you. You may even discover enough about solar to get your own bids and make your decision without our assistance. Beanies off to you! We want everyone that needs and wants solar power to get it. If you don’t need us that is great. If we can provide enough information to help you figure it out for yourself that makes us happy. There are a lot of people that want solar, but don’t have the time to gather all of the information and do the research to get the right system for their situation. Our services are for them. The rest of you can shine us on (little solar joke there).

*A portion of our profits DO go to provide mentoring and tutoring of at-risk kids.