Bronze Services

Silver Services

Gold Services

Platinum Services





  • We’ll review your utility bills and calculate kWh usage.
  • Information will be collected through consultation to determine your energy needs. 
  • An annual kWh result will be provided that you can use to give installers bids.

Everything in Bronze Service, plus a detailed analysis of current and potential energy usage to determine the long-term annual demand. Put that kWh target out to bid and provide those bids to you for review and selection.

  • Everything in the Bronze & Silver Services.
  • A design check of your roof for solar capacity and layout
  • A more detailed analysis of your potential energy usage.
  • All bids are reviewed for the kWh target.
  • The design and equipment proposed by each installer is compared.
  • Bidders are researched and a bid analysis is provided.
  • Everything in the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Services.
  • In addition, we will assist you in your negotiations with installers.
  • If you do not have legal counsel we will provide a rebate for a select contract review service.
  • If you are not satisfied with any of the bids received we will put your project out for bid a second round.
  • For Platinum customers that opt-in to our energy monitoring program we will provide an energy monitoring device (a $349 value).