The Nerds with Knowledge about going Solar

  • If you don’t know everything you need to know about going solar, you need a Knerd.

  • If you think going solar is just about saving money and not about profiting, you need a Knerd.

  • If you aren’t sure how many kilowatt-hours you use or will use each year, you need a Knerd.

  • Before you call any solar companies for bids, get a SolarKnerd. We can help you assess your needs so you can put your project out for bids with knowledge! We can even put it out to multiple bidders for you and let you stay anonymous until you are ready to narrow the selection.
  • SolarKnerds can help you through the whole process of going solar and beyond. Check out our About page for more information, or you can just try us out. We are giving away our initial consultation services for FREE to a few lucky people that sign up. There is no obligation to use us if you are selected.  HINT: If you live in N. California you have a better chance of being chosen, but the first 20 people have the best chance.  Don’t delay…

  • We saw a need and decided to fill it. Solar companies and utilities aren’t necessarily your friends. We are. We can help you find the solar system you deserve.