Get Solar Without Getting BurnedSM

Gold Service


  • Calculate kWh usage and future potential usage.
  • Detailed potential analysis.
  • Rooftop design feasibility study
  • Put out to bid to multiple installers
  • Bid reviews
  • Installer research
  • Proposal design & equipment reviews
  • Final report/recommendation

Review utility bills and calculate kWh usage. Collect additional information to determine annual demand.  A detailed analysis of current and potential energy usage to assess the yearly long-term demand. Put that kWh target out to bid and provide those bids to you for review and selection.  A design check of your roof for solar capacity and layout, a more detailed analysis of your potential energy usage. All bids are reviewed for kWh target and the design/equipment proposed is compared. Bidders are researched and a bid analysis is provided.  Gold Service is for one residential property.  NOTE: This service requires a contract.  If you have not already signed a contract a link will be emailed to you.  If you decline to execute the contract then your payment will be refunded and no services will be provided.

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