Get Solar Without Getting BurnedSM

We’re Early

And you can be too!

The launch was scheduled for next year, but conditions changed and we’ve been forced out into the light (tiny solar joke) a bit earlier than we’d planned to open our doors. Given that, we aren’t really ready to take on a full complement of clients yet. So, we have discounted our services severely for Early Adopters. Bad for us, but good for you. So, why would we be willing to practically give away our services? Read on…

We need DATA! Lots of it. We’ve been gathering it, but the limited sample size means it is taking too long. So we need clients with solar production systems installed to gather that data. And therein lies the value to us. For Early Adopters that agree to make it possible to collect that data, we are willing to offer our services for a greatly discounted rate. They will have to purchase a data collection device from us (discounted, of course) and have it installed. That, a small fee, and allowing us access to that data are the only things we want. Of course, the client will have access to that same data and can lock us out after the agreed-upon collection period expires.

So, if you’d like to be considered for this limited-time offer simply complete the Free Initial Consult form and we’ll let you know if you are selected.

Find out what to expect on our SolarKnerds FAQs page.