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How do the Knerds help me?

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There are several steps to how we can help. We’ll lay it out here and in more detail on our Services page.

  • We sit down with you in a virtual meeting (no pesky salesman with his foot in the door!) and discuss what you are looking for in a solar-powered grid-tied system. This initial consult is completely free and if you don’t have access to Zoom or another platform we can do this over the phone.
  • At the initial consult, if you decide to move ahead we’ll ask for copies of your electric bills or some data from them. A year or two is enough. More data is better though, so if you have it in digital format we’ll crunch the numbers on what you’ve got.
  • You’ll be asked to fill out a questionnaire to get a better idea of how you use your energy and what could change in the future. We may ask for a few pictures of your electrical box and the outside of your house/property.
  • After some heavy Knerding, we will review our initial findings with you and make any adjustments needed in the numbers after consulting you further.
  • With that data, we will build a computer model and make sure it is generally feasible. NOTE: Final feasibility results will be done by the solar installer(s) to determine placement/engineering requirements.
  • We will review our Solar Report together with you to determine if you want to move forward with putting your requirements out to bid.
  • We can place your requirements out for bid to several different solar installers and isolate you from direct contact until you are ready to narrow the field.
  • With you, we review the information in each bid. The best bids are selected as finalists and those companies can contact you directly.
  • Final bids come in, which we can review with you to help you pick a winning bid.
  • A site survey by the winning bidder (usually for a fee, if you do not wish to sign a contract yet) is scheduled.
  • The final proposal is reviewed and any final negotiations are made by you before contract signing.
  • If all is good with you then you can sign the contract with the installer. If not, then you can decline and we can start over with other companies, or recall a previous bidder for consideration.


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