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Who are these Knerds?

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  • The Knerds are kind and kindred folk who have pulled themselves away from their computer screens and collectibles to help the less knowledgeable go solar.  They have the skills and experience to help you select a quality solar installation, or to choose NOT to go solar if that is in your decision. 
  • We don’t sell solar systems or have agreements with any installers that will cloud our judgment.  
  • If an installer or any other third party does offer us a finders fee, kickback, or any other incentive we will inform you of that and split the incentive with you if that is the company that you choose to install your solar.  Honesty IS our policy.  We work for you.
  • Our Chief Knerd Officer (CKO) – really that’s what he’s called (OK, Chief Knerd Zero behind his back) is the inspiration behind our company.  He’s a certified Project Management Professional with experience in the construction trades, real estate, technical training, and development.  His personal experience going solar revealed how difficult it can be for the average consumer to get a system they deserve.

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